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2017 Off with a Bang

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (47)

I am so sorry for the lack of posts! 2016 was a great show season for FHE, with myself showing both Roux Royale and Grande Rouge in dressage, and Carter showing Kosmos in horse trials and on the indoor show jumping circuit. Robin also debuted Tacori and Summer Breeze in the indoor show season up to 1.10m and 1.0m respectively.

Delvino (Depardieu X Rhodos X Aktuell) is now solidly under saddle and is proving himself to be quite the gentleman. A big black push ride, the perfect amateur's horse in the making!

Summer at RMSJ 2016

Roux Royale at RMSJ 2016

Grande Rouge at RMSJ 2016, photo credits to Quantum Photography

So, as you can see, we have a lot to be excited for, and always lots in the works! See you around in 2017!

What a summer!

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Well things here are a busy tornado of activity, as always, with all of us doing our best to get our horses going the best we can. Carter and Kosmo had a great outing at pretraining level at Thompson Country Horse Trials, winning the dressage, having a clear cross country and finishing in second. They unfortunately missed the next three day at Alhambra, but moved up to training level for the last one.

Robin is also back now and is working with both Tia and Summer. Both mares are going great and we are really looking forward to an active winter season with them showing!

Roux is also going very well and has added so much strength, but, typical of a dressage rider, I can't wait until she has even more!

Anyways, just a sneak peak into what we have been upto this summer! We do have lesson spots available if you are thinking about it, and cater to the adult amateur. Please visit our training page for details!


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Holy moly it has just been a whirlwind of activity here and we have tons of news to share! In February we said goodbye to Rhadix as she went to the Cooper family to teach their little girl the ins and outs of riding in  a safe and reliable way. Anyone that knows Rhadix knows how lucky she is to have such a good and patient teacher that knows so much, and we are so happy to have found the PERFECT home for the 22 year old mare. It makes all of us here feel great knowing we found the right home and she will be so happy there being loved and ridden.

In March Melanie moved on to new fields as well! She will be moving into the world of competitive three day eventing and her new owners have very high hopes for her, so we should all see her out and about very soon! I can't wait to see what those two are able to accomplish, as we always knew that Melanie could jump like stink! Another match made in heaven, I got to stop in after Mel settled into her new digs and have a quick visit and she looks very happy and content.

On the homefront things are also moving and shaking. Roux is going better than ever! Her new custom saddle arrived, costing a pretty penny, but worth every cent! She is muscling up so quickly I swear I can see new muscle on a daily basis now. I am so excited to see where we end up in 6 months or a year, as our partnership is really growing and has never been stronger.

Carter's saddle has also come in, although after the car accident I think he has focused a little more on the dressage work, and is just getting back into the jumper tack as he feels better. One thing we are reminded of all the time is how quickly things can change, with our horses and our health and you really can't take a single moment for granted.

With that said, everyone is going really well, putting on muscle and moving into a positive direction. We have some fantastic young stock coming up the ranks which will make great horses for either amateur or professional riders and are getting the start they need.

Exciting Things to Come

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Well 2014 is over and while it may not have gone the way we planned, we did say goodbye to Daisy and Nora and wish them success in their new homes. 2015 promises to be an exciting year of restructuring for us as we bring about a new generation in the training program and start some real talent undersaddle.

At this point I'm unsure what our showing plans are, and which horses you can expect to see out and about, because we're so busy and have so many ready to shine!

Melanie is going better than ever and everyday I am so happy to have such a great and reliable mare to be able to ride.

Over the Christmas break I was also asked to ride Red while Ashley was on holidays and we had a lot of fun. What a talented young horse he is!

I've done a couple tack changes on Roux, and found that she is very responsive to the Micklem bridle. Training is becoming very effortless and everyday we are able to accomplish more! I'm so excited for her future and sooo excited to see the muscle that she is putting on almost daily now! 

As I said, 2015 is going to be a big year for FHE, and we haven't even shown you the young talent yet!

The Summer That Wasn't!

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Well it appears my bad luck it contagious, and we had a string of family health problems which prevented the show season I'd been hoping for.  Most bizarre of which I caught a cold which evolved into a lung infection, which evolved into adult croup (yes, I know it's a disease of young children!) and with all that I broke a rib and ended up needing a significant amount of time off!

With that said I did make it to the Amberlea Meadows Summer Dressage Festival (broken rib and all) and Mel got exposure at a new venue!

We did, however have some good news amoung all the bad, and Daisy left us after 17 years to teach a new little girl the ropes! Congratulations to Dani Grey and her family, you guys got an incredible little pony! Daisy was a fantastic and loved member of our family and we hope she becomes one of yours.

Since buying Daisy we've heard that Dani and Daisy rode in their first show in the trot pole division, and placed first and second in a field of over ten other young riders- having been a team for less than a week! Watch out Alberta, these two are coming!

So it begins... Show Season 2014

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Well, we have hit the ground running in 2014! I have already attended two of the three installments of the Carrots and Cocktails series held at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. I am so proud of the way my girls are handling themselves, and Melanie has started showing respectively at both 3rd and 4th level. I think it's going to be a fantastic show year! 

Melanie is now offered for sale. Please contact for more details!

Roux has also started showing now, and came out to do her first training level tests with marks as high as 67% at the very first show ever! I'm so excited for this mares future, I can't even say what level we'll show come summer, as every day she impresses me more and more.

Just a reminder that we are no longer breeding and are offering all of our broodmares for sale at a drastically reduced price. Please contact me for details on these outstanding mares!

Winter, Once Again!

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2013 blew in and out like a blast! We had an incredible season, with travel and new beginnings.

Ashley and Carter both had a successful show season in both the show jumping and three day eventing rings, bringing home many ribbons and getting the horses out and experiencing different rings!

I took another year off showing to focus on my university degree, which entailed travelling to Southern Italy to excavate a second century Roman cemetary. It was a once in a lifetime experience which fell right in the middle of summer, and as a result I decided that it was best not to put Melanie through the stress of having time off and getting in the ring.

However, look for all of us in 2014, we're all planning on entering our respective rings! Although the weather has been very cold this winter, it has given us the best training aid anyone can ask for, and on the warmer days we've been having a blast playing out in the hay fields! We all love the opportunity to get out of the arena, and are so lucky to have such big rolling fields with great footing that are perfect for strength training!

Winter Wonderland

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Wow, it has been a long time since my last entry! Sorry for those of you wanting to keep up with our barn!

Winter has been quiet so far, and fairly uneventful (yay!) as we get ready for the upcoming 2013 show season. Melanie, my up and coming FEI mare is doing great in training, and is really progressing nicely. She made the adjustment to Ontario quite well, and is currently being stabled at the beautiful Fox Run Stables in Troy. I'm really happy with this mares progress, she has made the transition from Tess so much easier by being such a talented and willing partner. We're unsure of our 2013 show schedule as of yet, as I have applied to take July-the beginning of August off riding to continue working on my degree via a field school in Italy. Because of this, I have placed her on the market- yes, for sale! If she comes back to Calgary, however, we will continue our journey into the FEI ring in 2014.

Our monthly clinics have been very successful, and everyone is coming forwards nicely. It's always nice to fly home and visit everyone, and work with the horses and riders. It's amazing how stepping back and letting people figure things out between lessons allows them to grow, and become stronger riders between lessons. The progress everyone is making despite Calgary's frigid winters is fantastic, and again I have to say that I couldn't wish for a better group of clients!

On a more competitive note, Carter was the first rider this year in a show, taking Kosmo to the 0.60m classes at Spruce Meadows last weekend. We're so proud of this pair, coming out of their first jumper show ever with ribbons and clear rounds in both classes! Great job- can't wait to see what the 0.70m brings next time!

All in all 2013 is shaping up to be a wonderful year of growth for all of us. See you all March 23-24 for our next clinic!

August Rush

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August has been a very tragic month for us. Unfortunately, Email, my FEI mare suffered an aortic anneurism while being wrapped in the barn, and passed away at the age of 14, August 7, 2012. This of course came as a huge shock, and we are all feeling her loss.

The mystery illness I have been afflicted with all summer is starting to subside, thanks to the help of my 'team' of doctors. This means I've been in the saddle more, now that I've emotionally recovered from the shock of losing my dancing partner. I am still moving to Hamilton, and will be working at M2 Dressage. In addition to this, I will be offering a few lessons a week in the Hamilton region, and returning to Calgary once a month to teach clinics here. If interested in clinics in Calgary or lessons in Hamilton, please contact me at

Our next clinic is scheduled for September 22-23, 2012 and is $100/private lesson.

While I am in Ontario, I have decided to name Robin Donais as the interm instructor. Robin has a keen eye for horses, and although she has not had much experience in the coach's chair, she has many years of experience working with all levels of horses. Robin specializes in the jumper ring, and I hope to broaden our program with different specializations. If interested in Calgary lessons with Robin, please email her at Please note that lessons with Robin require attendance in our monthly clinics.

Anyways, that's it for now. Hopefully September will bring us better luck.

Summer So Far

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Again, I must apologize for my lack of regular updates. The 'mystery illness' is persisting, and after numerous tests, all we've been able to determine is that it's neurological, and these days most of my spare time is going into resting.

So far this summer, things have been going very well. Although I have not been competing in any competitions thanks to mystery illness, we've had an incredble outing by clients. I'd love to congratulate all my clients on the success they're had in the show ring. For many of them, it is their first year competing, and they've all done great! We've had new levels tried, challenges accomplished, and personal high scores at every show this year. It's great to see everyone boosting their learning curve, and accomplishing the same quality in the ring as we obtain at home.


I would also like to congratulate Marlyss Long on the purchase of Arosa! Rosie was bought as a schoolmaster for Marlyss and her daughters, and we can't wait to see them in the ring next summer!


On the breeding front, we've also had two foals born. Rhadix foaled first, and had a beautiful and refined bay colt by Fidertanz. Rubi had another incredibly powerful filly, this time by Weltmeyer. She's going to be a real contender for the international level! WOW. Both foals will be presented to the Oldenburg Verband for inspection.


Last week as well as this week we've switched gears and re-entered the world of show jumping. Tia (Tacori) is so far doing very well at her first outing, in the 0.85m and 0.90m divisions at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. This week will be a repeat performance for Tia, and Vienna will be joining her at the show in the 1.10m mini prixs!


Last, but not least, we ran our intermediate camp last week to great success. All the kids grew a level in their knowledge of proper horse care, and tried new things both in their dressage and jumping lessons. Our next camp is August 6-10, and is geared towards beginning riders. If you would like to register your child, please contact Brenna at


That's it for now- stay busy!