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Some changes for 2012...

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since my last post- I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seats to find out what's been going on around here! All in all, it's been a very, VERY rough six weeks:

Although Kosmo passed his vetcheck, the buyer interested decided to back out, so although it's happy news that he remains available for the clients here, it's upsetting when someone wastes so much of your time.

I came down with 'mystery illness' and have had to take 2 weeks off riding so far. I'm still coaching, but am lacking luster these days. Hoping that the doctors can figure it out soon- don't worry, it's nothing contagious!

Lastly, last Friday we lost our coming yearling, Licorice to unknown causes. Everyone here is very shocked at how suddenly this happened (healthy to gone within a 2 hour time span), and we'll really miss this little girl. She was the sweetest foal we've had to date, and didn't have an inch of disobedience in her. RIP, Licorice. Photo credits to Allison Robbins.

So, all in all, in light of everything that's happened, I will be taking some time away from the farm starting in September, 2012. I am planning to travel to Ontario for a maximum of 1 year, and have found a fabulous private facility willing to take me and some client horses in. This means that I will FINALLY be available to train and consign your horses. I'm taking a very limited number with me, so contact me immediately if interested. We will be at an incredibly gorgeous barn, suited to making your horse look his best to a prospective buyer, or pamper him while training to the next level. The barn's website is available, please contact me if you'd like to take a look, too! I will also make the trek back to Calgary once a month to perform clinics and keep everyone in line- please contact me if you'd like to get involved with these, we'll have much more room for students than in the past, as I will work until I drop!

That's it for now, here's hoping that 2012 picks up!

New Contest!

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First of all- I'd like everyone to know that we're currently offering a contest in which the first 100 people to 'like' us on facebook will be entered to win a free breeding to our stallion. This breeding is available to use on one of your mares, or one of ours! So hop to it and follow the link:

Secondly, lesson prices will be rising starting February 1st, 2012 to $45/lesson all inclusive for private lessons, and $30/person all inclusive for semi-private lessons. 

We will also be hosting two camps this summer- one for beginner riders, and one for intermediate/advanced kids. I'm hoping to announce these dates soon. $400/camp if we supply the horse, $350 if you bring your own.

Hi 2012, We're looking forward to you...

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So far everything is going great. All the horses are getting in phenominal condition, and looking great.

Our first scheduled gold level show is the AJYR show in May, so we're hoping to see everyone there!

It's looking like we've got all our positions for working students filled, so if you were hoping to apply, I can add you to a waiting list!

Both our pregnant broodmares are looking great, nice and plump and hairy, and Rhadix is of course, looking very pregnant, as always. They're both happy and looking great. We should have two very incredible foals this year by Fidertanz and Weltmeyer!

I will again be judging the Alberta Wild Rose Series in February on the 26th. Hope to see you there! Also happening this February:

February 3-4 - I have been accepted to speak at the Grant MacEwan University Conference in Edmonton

February 10-12- Gina is in town, so I'll be clinicing!

February  18-19- Next Instalment in our adult stable management seminar, this one on conformation and technique. Will be a 2 day event starting a 1:00 each day. Saturday is dressage, Sunday is Show Jumping. $20/day or $30 for the weekend- should be a lot of fun, come out and see what the judges are  looking for, and why!

February 26- Judging at Eversfield Equestrian

It promises to be a very busy month!

Oh, December.

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What a great month so far! Besides the terrible weather we've been having, it'll be a true white Christmas.

All the horses are doing great. Tess is getting back into shape and is schooling the PSG-I1 again, Melanie is learning about true collection, Roux is learning about balance... every one is really doing phenominally and is well on their way to a fabulous show season in 2012!

I was also awarded the Advanced Champion award with the Alberta Junior/Young Rider Association based on my competition results with Tess (Email) from our 2011 season. I'm so lucky to have such a great horse to work with on a daily basis.

Also, our barn shirts have come in, so look for us at clinics and shows- everyone's looking good! With the huge progress we're all making in our training, and our new clothing, we should be on fire in 2012. What a great way to end the year. 

Our adult stable management seminar on Lameness was a success, with some old faces, and some new. We decided to make it a festive event with holiday cookies and wine. Everyone walked away with something new on problems which can face our horses, and ways we can ensure their health. Our next instalment is January 7, 2012 and is on teeth, vaccinations, and common ailments. Come out and learn about how to recognize many common symptoms, and how to treat many illnesses!

On that note, remember that our current sale on horses lasts until January 1st, 2012. After this date, prices will rise, and some will no longer be offered for sale! Lessons are also postponed from December 30-January 9th, in spirit of the holiday season. Until then, we'll be working hard and getting everyone stronger!

November Craziness!

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What a crazy month it's been!

We've had much interest in  horses, lots of lessons taught, and clinics both taught and attended! Everything is going great. We all know where we are in our training, and have our goals set for next year.

Currently, we are accepting applications for summer working students from May to September 1st. We've only got one more position open, so if you're thinking that this is the right fit for you, please contact me ASAP!

What else is new, you might ask? Well, I have been asked to judge the next Alberta Wild Rose Schooling Show at Eversfield Equestrian. I hope to see everyone there. We've also decided to renovate the quarantine barn, and hope to have a facility with two stalls, crossties, and tack room with easy access to the quarantine paddock for turn out. This will hopefully be done by May 1st, 2012. We hope to be able to offer training board for two lucky horses from May through to September 1st.

Also! Remember that this Saturday is the next installment in our Adult Stable Management Seminars. This one is recognizing and treating common and chronic lamenesses, and admission is $20/person. Will be using teaching aids such as videos and x-rays in addition to diagrams and lecture. It starts at 1:00- so don't be late!

Anatomy Clinic

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We had huge success at our anatomy clinic November 5, 2011. A sample video will be posted soon. These clinics are a great way to increase your knowledge without breaking the bank! 

At $20/session, anyone can come out and learn about how to better take care of their horse. It's an opportunity to get advice from an FEI rider, in relation to training, horse care, and knowledge.

Also exciting news regarding our clinics- Becky Snow from Heartland Saddlery is the fourth qualified Canadian to achieve her certification with the Society of Master Saddlers. She has agreed to get involved in our tack fitting clinic the first Saturday in April.

In other news... Vienna and Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch are now located in Ocala, Florida to have a season training with Karen and David O'Connor. They also have big plans to move up in the eventing world- we're very excited about the huge progess they've made and continue to make!

Back on the home front, Ryanna is making leaps and bounds in her training and is progressing nicely towards the FEI 5yr old tests for 2012. Email is looking a little chubbier than usual, because of my heavy university schedule, and everyone else is setting their realistic and great competition goals for next season.

Things are moving and shaking around here-- and our next clinic is on common lamenesses and how to identify them. Come out and see your horses' feet from the inside out  December 3, 2011.

Upcoming Events

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This weekend I'll be taking my four year old Ryanna to a Joni Lynn Peter's clinic. She's really starting to get stronger and train for the FEI five year old classes next year. I'm really excited to continue working with her!

Also! Don't forget to sign up for our Monthly Stable Management Seminar! Admission is only $20, pay at the door, for an incredible opportunity to increase your barn knowledge. The next one is November 5, 2011 at 1:00 and will be on Equine Anatomy and effects of proper training.

Come  out and learn about why it's important to cross train from a structural perspective!

Bathing and Braiding Clinic

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Last weekend was quite the weekend around our place. Not only did our arena get re-oiled and the babies weaned, but we taught our first Adult clinic, focusing on hor to bath and braid to prepare for a show.

It was a lot of fun, everyone learnt a lot, and were given homework to show up braided for their next lessons- so far a success! Tons of improvement, and practice, practice, practice!

Here are some pictures of the fun that was had below:



Next month we lecture about the physiology of the horse. For those of you that are familiar with my background- this is where my university education backs up my talk. Should be educational for everyone, as I explain not only how each system works and where it's located, but why and how our training impacts these areas.

There's still room, if you'd like to come, cost is $20 at the door, please contact me in advance.

See you the first Saturday of November at 1:00!

Summer Moments

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As promised- updates!

First we handled a week long camp for kids, where everyone had to complete not only rigorous training sessions, but intense stable management lessons twice a day. Everyone came in knowing a little about horses, and care, and left knowing a whole lot!

Next, three of us took four horses to the Saskatoon Dressage Provincials. I took Email and the baby Ryanna, Allison took Arosa, and Marlyss debuted at walk trot with Kosmo. Everyone had a blast, learned some, laughed some, and had great tests. Email was great, going through her second test completely cleanly, and Ryanna was the all-star of the show, not having any baby moments, at all! This was her very first Gold level show, and she competed Training Level and FEI 4yr old, to finish Reserve Training level Champion and FEI 4yr old Champion, with all her scores in the high 60's and 70's! This little girl is one to watch for the future!

Winter Clinic Series

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Sorry about the lack of updates- I'll get on letting you know what we've been up to this summer right away. In the meantime, if you're curious, like us on Facebook!

This winter we will be opening our doors to the public! Please contact me if you're interested and want more information.