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 Our program is a one of a kind occurrence in Alberta, as all lesson horses are supplied by us! Currently we have horses trained from Walk-Trot to Prix St.Georges and schooled up to 1.20m jumpers.  We believe in our students learning how to ride on  trained horses, to allow for the correct training of the rider. This means that our highly trained horses are used for you to learn on! We are able to match the personality and level of each rider with their perfect horse, and always have safe, healthy, and reliable horses available from beginner to advanced.

All riders are required to have a lesson at least once a week, while students jumping are required to have at least one dressage lesson a week in addition to their jumping. We strongly encourage cross-training, as it builds stronger riders and a stronger relationship between the horse and rider. Riders are also strongly encouraged to compete, to further their experience in the horse world and their understanding of their lessons.


$45/private lesson- all inclusive

Occasionally we will accept an outside horse for full training, please Contact Brenna for pricing and availability.


About Brenna:

Most of the training at our farm is under the training of Brenna Ortynsky, although occasionally we do hire outside riders.

Brenna started riding at the early age of 4 and grew up developing her skills in the pony club system. Having competed competitively in showjumping and Prince Philip Games until she was 15 and having achieved her C2 status, she left Pony Club to pursue the outside world of three day eventing, encouraged by her coach at the time,  EC level II coach, Alan Wedge.

It was during this time that she rode her beloved Tennesee Walking Horse, Royal Baywatch to many successes in both the showjumping rings as well as local Alberta Horse Trials. In efforts to become more competitive, they pursued dressage training and met EC II coach Val Hellerud. It was during this time that Brenna started riding Mariposa, her first warmblood, and never looked back. 
Brenna continued competing in three day eventing for many years, but during this time both Alan and Val began encouraging a venture into the dressage world.

Whilst competing Royal Baywatch up to Training Level Horse Trials, Brenna slowly began riding Mariposa at training level, first level and finally second level dressage, all in the same summer they were moving up the levels in Horse Trials from starter through Pretraining. At this time Brenna was still a junior rider and unsure of which sport she was going to choose. It was a particularly hard choice as Mariposa was an extremely talented horse that could excel in either discipline. In 2007, at the age of 17, Brenna rode her last Horse Trials on both horses at training level finishing in first place on Mariposa and fourth place on Royal Baywatch.

This same year she finished champion and also reserve champion of the second level division with Mariposa and Comptessa (later to be renamed Email) respectively.

Email. Email was the horse of a lifetime and a horse that was challenging enough without being impossible. She taught Brenna to ask, not demand, and never force. The next few years they sought out trainers they felt would mesh with their upbringing and personalities better, and slowly continued up the levels. In 2009 they began working with their current coach, EC level II coach Gillian Wright, based out of Trakehner Glen, and consistent clinics with Canadian Olympic Rider, Chef D'equip and EC level III Coach Gina Smith. At this time she had already arranged to venture down to Florida for the winter however, so although it was a good fit, off Brenna went with two horses, where she trained intensively for 3 months with Grand Prix rider and EC level III coach and friend, Susanne Dutt-Roth. Coming home movements were much more solid and Email and Brenna competed at Fourth level in 2010 successfully under the constant tutelage of Gillian.

In 2011 Email and Brenna grew stronger and they competed at the Young Rider division, which entails a Prix St Georges test as well as an Individual test which is similar. Brenna once again travelled, this time to Ontario, to train with Gina, where she also did the CDI at Bromont, the Ottawa Dressage Festival and the Cornerstone Dressage Festival at Palgrave. Coming home was a huge improvement and every show they went to showed a massive increase in scores, finally finishing the season with a 68% from the Saskatchewan Dressage Provincials at Ebon Stables. They received the trophy for top Young Rider in Alberta that year.

Unfortunately in 2012 Brenna had an untimely health lapse and missed the competitive season. Later that fall Email passed away due to a sudden aneurysm. 

That fall Brenna made the decision to move to Hamilton, Ontario for personal reasons, and took the opportunity to take some classes at McMaster University while there. She was offered the opportunity to work at Fox Run Stable, under Dieter Werner, where she learned a well managed barn makes all the difference to the staff and the horses. It was a sad departure, but she left for educational reasons to finish her university degree, first in Italy, then back in Calgary. 

Upon return to Alberta in 2013 the focus was fitness and strength, and Brenna began working both Urymelle and Roux Royale more regularly. In 2014 Urymelle was able to make it out to a couple competitions at the beginning of the year at third level and fourth level where she achieved marks up to 62%. In 2015 Urymelle was sold to a competitive home.

Roux Royale is Brenna's current mount and they hope to make a return to  full competition soon. They continue under the watchful eyes of Gillian and Gina,  and progress is being made. 

*This should be taken as a rough history, as there is simply no way to possibly include every horse and score competed on or worked with, but these are the ones that stand out in history. Please feel free to email and ask any questions*

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